Picture shows a sample of possible Generic AI market applications
Singularity Summit 2010

The Singularity Summit explores the rising impact of artificial intelligence on society. The 'Singularity' represents an 'event horizon' in the predictability of human technological development following the creation of Strong A.I.


Singularity Institute

The Singularity Institute brings rational analysis and strategy to the challenges facing humanity as we develop cognitive technologies that will exceed the current upper bounds on human intelligence

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Crowd Behaviour Anomalies Test Environment

Market Sectors

In principle, Generic AI can be developed for any problem that needs AI as a solution. Our wider objective is to apply it across a variety of markets with the aim of establishing the algorithm as an ‘industry standard' form of AI.


Example Applications

Our R&D and Market Research to-date shows that there are opportunities for the Generic AI system to be developed and embedded in a variety of products. Here are a few possible applications:

bullet pointFinancial Transaction Analysis
bullet pointCredit Card Fraud Detection
bullet pointSuspicious Behaviour Detection in Crowds
bullet pointCare-Home Patient Tracking
bullet pointAutomated CCTV Cueing
bullet pointSpectrographic Data Analysis
bullet pointFingerprint Analysis
bullet pointBaggage-X-ray Image Analysis for Airport Security
bullet pointTrademark Search
bullet pointFace Recognition
bullet pointInternet Unwanted Images Filter
bullet pointMusic Composition
bullet pointPredictive Text
bullet pointText Copyright Analysis
bullet pointOmni-font Character Recognition
bullet pointHandwriting Recognition
bullet pointAdaptive Uniquely Responsive Game A.I.
bullet pointFuture Development of a Self-Programming A.I. System


Generic AI is particularly suitable for security applications because the system has no pre-programmed rules and so it cannot be circumvented by knowing how it works or what it is 'looking for'

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