Picture shows Rob Clennell and Business Advisers Dr. Gavin Form and Andrew Frost (right to left) - courtesy of Newcastle Journal

Paradigm Shift

The computer revolution that began in the 1980s is a preliminary to a greater paradigm shift

The hardware and software systems that have now been established have created the infrastructure for a new phase of computer development

The artificial intelligence revolution is about to begin...

Rob Gavin and Andrew

About Us

Our vision is to incorporate Generic AI into every system that can benefit from generic artificial intelligence capability. In order to achieve this we currently operate as an AI consultancy, working with application developers to bring unique capabilities to their products by embedding Generic AI technology


Development of the System

The system was initially developed in 1983 as a music composition tool, where the composer manipulates the paths of counterpoint melodies. The development of the system was inspired by Leonard Bernstein’s Harvard Lectures on music theory based on Chomskyan linguistics - titled The Unanswered Question. Chomsky said: ‘He (Bernstein) was onto something, but I couldn't really judge how significant it was…’. Bernstein's analysis of Mozart’s 40th in G Minor showed characteristics corresponding to the physical Principle of Least Action and symmetry over scale analogous to gauge invariance in field theory. This analysis formed the starting point from which Generic AI was ultimately developed.

By 1989 the core theoretical problem was solved; this took the form of a general-purpose artificial intelligence system. However, it was apparent that it would be at least 20 years before it could be implemented, due to the rate of improvement in computing power.

By 2002 parallel processing was close enough to start developing commercial applications taking into account the development time, and so the company: Generic AI Ltd was incorporated.

Our objective is to demonstrate the ‘Artificial General Intelligence’ (AGI) properties of the system by creating as many varied applications as possible.



Generic AI has these properties:

bullet pointThe core Generic AI system always works in the same way for every application
bullet pointIt has no pre-programmed rules
bullet pointThe data it processes is in a universal format
bullet pointCustomised interfaces convert data into this core universal format

Patterns and features exist in a kind of 'common currency' between all possible kinds of data input. This enables meaningful data-fusion between disparate data sources.


Our Vision

To establish Generic AI as a single universal artificial intelligence

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