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Generic AI

Generic AI is an Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) system
'We have got to get back to the deepest questions of A.I .and general intelligence and quit wasting time on little projects that don't contribute to the main goal'

- Marvin Minsky
Crowd Behaviour Anomalies Test Environment

A New Form of Artificial Intelligence

Generic AI is a revolutionary approach to Artificial Intelligence modelled on the Principle of Least Action. The system generalises the Principle of Least Action extending it to Information Theory


Emergent A.I.

Intelligence is an emergent property of the system. The system makes intelligent projections based solely on the input-data. Generic AI finds patterns and features within the information automatically without any pre-programmed bias, and learns and categorises new anomalous patterns as they are detected. This non-predetermined property of Generic AI can have critical importance in security applications. For example, it is impossible for a terrorist or criminal to circumvent Generic AI by knowing what it is looking for, as the system has no pre-programmed rules.


Attributes of the Generic A.I. System:

bullet pointGeneric AI finds patterns and features automatically without pre-programmed bias
bullet pointAs there are no rules, the system cannot be circumvented by knowing how it works
bullet pointIt is unique and there are no published papers on the system
bullet pointThe core system always functions in the same way for every application
bullet pointThere are limitless applications
bullet pointGeneric AI is an Artificial General Intelligence system



The system can be implemented online through a customised interface so that data can be centralised, or by embedding into client software:

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The core Generic AI system always operates in the same way - so centralising the data allows scope for data-fusion of patterns and features derived from a variety of sources


The AGI Revolution

In recent years a quiet revolution has been taking place in the field of Artificial Intelligence which has split the field into two domains: ‘Narrow Artificial Intelligence’ and ‘Artificial General Intelligence’.  ‘Narrow A.I.’ is a form of AI that demonstrates specialised intelligence in a particular domain.  ‘Artificial General Intelligence’ (AGI) is an emerging field aimed ultimately at the building of "thinking machines" with intelligence comparable to the human mind.

Generic AI is an AGI system
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